The Grand Unified Lebanese Lodge (GULL) is a member of:


"Centre Of Liaison And Information of Masonic Powers Signatories of Strasbourg Appeal", founded on January 22nd 1961 through the "Appeal of Strasbourg". CLIPSAS is currently composed of over 70 worldwide Masonic bodies.

2- UMM:

"Union Maçonnique de la Méditerranée" founded in 2000, is an association of 15 Masonic bodies residing around the Mediterranean Sea.

3- CIGLU (formerly GLUDE):

"Confédération Internationale des Grandes Loges Unies" (formally "Confédération des Grandes Loges Unies d’Europe") is a Masonic confederation founded on June 18th 2000 in Paris. CIGLU's primary goal is to group Masonic obediences that follow the Scottish Rite.


In addition, GULL has signed over 60 treaties of "Amity and Recognition" with the below Masonic bodies from across the world:


Grande Loge de France National Grand Lodge of Canada
Grande Lodge de Belgique Grande Loge ANI du Canada
Grande Loge Unie de Russie Grande Oriente do Brasil
Grande Loge Unie de Sweden Grande Loge Egypcia Brazil
Gran Loggia d'Italia Grande Loge Grande Quenta Feminino Brazil
Sérénissime Grand Loge d'Italie Grande Loge Feminino de Brazil
Sérénissime d'Italie Grande Loge Feminina Estado de Sao Paolo
Grande Loge Maçonnique Générale Italienne Grande Oriente Nacional Gloria do Ocidente do Brasil
Grande Loge Confédérée d'Espagne Gran Logia Oriental del Perú
Gran Logia Simbólica Española Gran Logia Constitucional del Perú
Federaçào da Maçonaria Universal Real Gran Oriente de la Franc-Masonería del Uruguay 
Grande Lodge de Bulgarie George Washington Union of Freemasons of North America
Grande Loge Nationale Unie de Roumanie Grande Loge Latino Americana
Grand Loge Féminine de Roumanie Gran Logia Patriotica del Perù
Grande Loge de Roumanie Grande Loja Unida de Santa Catarina
Grande Loge National Portugaise Grande Oriente Masónico Chileno
Sérénissime Grand Orient de Grèce Gran Logia de Libres y Aceptados Masones de la República del Paraguay
Grande Loge Nationale de Serbie et Montenegro Grande Loja Unida do Paraná
Grande Loge V.N.L. Serbie Grande Loge Ghost Est. Semiramis Rio
Grande Loge Unie de Lettonie Grande Loge Republica Argentina
Grande Loge Libéral d'Autriche La Gran Logia Soberana de Libres y Aceptados Masones de Venezuela
Marea Loja Nationala A Republicii Moldova Grande Loge Haitienne de St. Jean des Orients d'Outre-Mer
Grande Lodge Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Hungary Grand Orient d'Haïti de 1824
Gran Orient de Catalunya Grande Oriente do Estado de Goiás
Grande Oriente Lusitano Grande Loge Pan Americana
Gran Loggia Madre C.A.M.E.A. Gran Logia de Lengua Española
  Omega Grand Lodge
  Grande Loge Hiram Abif Inc.
Grande Loge Unie du Maroc Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas
Grand Orient du Maroc Sun Grand Lodge of Lebanon
Grande Loge des Canaries Grande Loge Unie de Turquie
Grand Orient et Loges Associées du Congo